Junkyard Temples, Set 1, is a work setting a portion of the texts from Rebecca Morgan Frank's chapbook "Junkyard Temples." The three poems I set for this are: Zigadenus, Dioica, and Opuntia. Each poem represents a type of plant, and considers it as though it was a city. Zigadenus is the star lily. I set this poem with incredibly pure and clean harmonies to represent the lily. The poem Dioica represents the stinging nettle. This setting used sharp attacks to represent the stinging nettle. Also, Sisyphus' task is in the poem, and I represent that as well with a texture that grinds upward, then falls. Finally, Opuntia is the prickly pear. In this song, I tried to juxtapose mirage-like textures reminiscent of the desert against sweet, gentle harmonies to represent the juicy center of the prickly pear.




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